Cristiano Porqueddu (Italy)

Cristiano Porqueddu

Friday, June 15

8 PM


Born in Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy, in 1975, Cristiano Porqueddu began his guitar studies with his father at the age of seven. After graduating from the Conservatory, he pursued his studies with Angelo Giraldino, and finished at the Superior Academy of Music Perosi.

Cristiano has participated and obtained prizes in numerous guitar competitions, including Pistoia, Citta di Taranto, and Mottola in 1996; Citta di Barletta in 1997; Giulio Rospigliosi, in 1998; Torneo Internazionale di Musica, Cosenza in 2000; and Citta di Parma in 2002.

Besides a very active life as a performer, Cristiano teaches at the Guitar Summer School together with Angel Giraldino every year. He is artistic director of Associazione Musicare in Sardinia, and has recorded six CD’s with the full studies of Angelo Giraldino.

“…passion and beauty and a forceful intrusion into the innermost recesses of your soul…”
Matanya Orphee, 2005