Maurizio Di Fulvio (Italy)

Maurizio Di Fulvio

Thursday, June 14, 2007

8 PM


Maurizio Di Fulvio was born in Chieti but lives steadily in Pescara, Italy. The critics considered him one the most original and remarkable guitarists of our times. “…an eclectic wide-ranging musician, endowed with a hearty spontaneous temperament, skilled improviser and refined arranger…”, “he knows how to read and interpret different musical languages”, ”his performances, sometimes gritty and energetic, other times refined and ornate, always somewhere in between a respect for tradition and innovation”,…being kept up with an innate instrumental elegance.

After earning a diploma in classical guitar, he claims an artistic training with such musicians as Julian Bream, Abel Carlevaro, John Scofield, and Pat Matheny. He won first prizes and gained several prizes in prestigious contests, displaying an intense activity at an international level, with important concerts in Europe and America, performing both as a solo player as well as with various groups (Duo Felicioni-Di Fulvio, Duo MauMan, Trio Saudade, Almaan jazz Trio, Maurizio Di Fulvio Trio, Ensemble ‘900, Labirinto Armonico, Complesso Strumentale Italiano). He has done recordings for several television and radio broadcasts, and has participated in many recording sessions, with a repertoire which includes original works, transcriptions, compositions of his own, jazz and Latin-American arrangements and improvisations.

Maurizio has been credited with the attention of many composers of our time, among them S. Bussotti, L. Berio, and S. Sciarrino, who have often confided in him to review, adapt, and perform their works. He has also won high praise by the audience.

“…one of the most innovative guitarists of the contemporary musical scenery.”
El Sur, Acapulco, Mexico 2005